Carmila opens the Grand Evreux Carrefour shopping centre extension

“We are delighted to be opening the Grand Evreux Carrefour shopping centre extension today after 24 months of works. The service arcade opposite the Carrefour hypermarket has become a shopping destination, featuring restaurants, leisure activities, walkways and a complete selection of shops including fashion outlets selling ready-to-wear items, stores selling items for the home and many others, some of which are setting up in the region for the first time. I would like to thank the local elected representatives who helped this project get off the ground, as well as all the retailers at the Grand Evreux shopping centre – both the well-established and the new ones – who have turned this centre into a place that is full of life every day”.

Anthony Vaudon, Grand Evreux Carrefour Shopping Centre Manager


An opening in line with the drive for urban renewal

Created in 1974, the Grand Evreux Carrefour shopping centre is located in the Eure region’s largest economic zone – the Long Buisson zone –, which straddles the communes of Guichainville, Vieil Evreux and Evreux.

As the driving force behind a commercial activity zone – the most extensive one in an urban area undergoing profound change – the centre is easy to access from the RN13 Paris–Normandy trunk road.

The result of a consultation that got under way in 2014, the extension project is the cornerstone of the drive to revitalise the Grand Evreux area. Its aim was to expand the range of shops available in the urban area to meet the needs of people living locally, who often had to head towards the Paris area or Rouen to find the full range of shops that they needed.

The project therefore involved transforming the Carrefour hypermarket and its ageing service arcade into a fully-fledged shopping destination underpinned by a complete mix-merchandising approach.

The teams worked closely alongside the local elected representatives and services of Evreux Porte de Normandie to integrate the project into its environment and ensure that the urban area ended up with a balanced commercial offering.

Carmila and its partner Carrefour Property developed a bespoke programme that could accommodate both stores and food outlets in a 7000 m² shopping centre extension, as well as large specialist and leisure stores in an adjoining 30,000 m² retail park.



A shopping walkway where people can shop and relax

For the architectural design, Carmila and Carrefour Property called upon the services of the AU4G firm of architects, whose proposal draws inspiration from the local landscape and gives preference to the use of light, showcasing the forest and nature. The retail park features central parking areas and is connected to the existing shopping centre.

“The architectural proposal combines regional identity and modernity. The centre’s modern and fluid design borrows from some of the Eure region’s key characteristics. For example, the predominance of the colour green, together with the wooden constructions echoes the imposing forests on the edges of Evreux, while the outside pedestrian promenades root the centre in a natural and welcoming atmosphere”, explains Philippe Bonnet, one of AU4G’s architects.

In the midst of a green setting, the centre features a modern and cosy architecture. Particular care has been paid to the way in which it integrates into the landscape. The inclusion of lively areas, as well as areas where people can relax and gather ensure that they can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and have fun shopping.

In the shopping centre extension, for example, new pleasant areas have been created featuring signage elements such as wooden cabins around which restaurant terraces and relaxation areas have been created. New children’s areas feature educational and fun activities. And visitors can take advantage of free, unlimited very high-speed Wi-Fi across the whole site.

The pathway which leads to the retail park is lined with landscaped areas, extending into a covered walkway passing in front of the large stores. A large outdoor children’s area has slides and swings, as well as extra-large picnic tables for families.

For greater comfort, 2500 parking spaces have been added along with 20 charging terminals for electric vehicles. There are also around twenty or so spaces for car sharing, supporting the development of new forms of mobility. The signage and the way in which the pedestrian walkways and green spaces are laid out have also been redesigned.


A new, overhauled selection of shops with an additional 50 retail brands

To meet the needs of people living locally and to ensure the appeal of the region, the purpose of the Grand Evreux Carrefour centre is to discourage people from going further afield to shop, providing a range of shops not currently found in the urban area which will sit nicely alongside the existing offering in Evreux.

The Grand Evreux Carrefour now features an additional 70 shops, nearly 80% of which do not yet exist in the region.

The Grand Evreux Carrefour shopping centre now has a complete commercial offering located around the Carrefour hypermarket for all types of customer and for any time of day.

The large Maisons du Monde, Ambiance et Styles, Babou, GiFi, But, Eco Cuisines, Darty and Boulanger stores will delight home decoration and accessory enthusiasts.

As far as ready-to-wear and fashion accessories are concerned, the shopping centre now has Mango, Promod, Camaïeu, Imua, Tempka, Darjeeling, Toscane and Cléor, while the retail park has Armand Thierry, Babou, Model’s, Districenter, Jennyfer and Kaporal. And for shoes… we welcome Foot Locker, Deichmann and San Marina.

Children will be getting their own dedicated stores with Verbaudet and IdKids. And even our pets will get a pampering at Maxi Zoo!

The shopping centre has created a set of leisure and restaurant outlets around Cultura that is unequalled anywhere else in the region.

Sporty people can enjoy Fitness Park, as well as France’s second Space Jump – a fun and physical activity for adults, teenagers and children: they can try out new sensations in the air, jumping up and down on 800 m² of interconnected trampolines.

“We are delighted to be among all these very fine retail brands that the Grand Évreux shopping centre features! We believe that a business such as ours is highly complementary and will help the shopping centre stand out. The opportunity for families to come and have fun just before a meal at one of our neighbours’ food outlets in the retail park, or the option for parents to leave their children to enjoy a trampolining session so they can go shopping are two of the benefits that the Grand Évreux shopping centre Space Jump offers”.

Xavier Corosine – Co-founder of Space Jump


There is also a complete range of food services that will satisfy everybody’s culinary desires. A food services area has been opened in the retail park featuring Holly’s Diner, Léon de Bruxelles, KFC and Flunch. And in the shopping centre, shoppers can enjoy a casual burger at Bchef or galettes at Crêp’eat, or they can enjoy home-made macaroons at Au Saveurs retrouvées!

“I’m delighted to be opening my first cosy, family-orientated store in the Grand Evreux shopping centre extension. Sweet or sour, depending on your mood, our macaroons are made from high-quality products using artisan methods. Totally original, amateurs of these mouth-watering colourful treats won’t find anything quite like them elsewhere. Young or old, faithful customers or gourmet visitors… get ready to be amazed by our 64 flavours!”

Patricia Bouché, founder of Aux Saveurs Retrouvées


To ensure that the customer itinerary through the shopping centre has remained flawless throughout the works without losing any of its appeal, the stores have opened progressively: an initial wave opened at the end of 2017 (the first section of the shopping centre and the retail park), followed by a few more openings in the retail park last summer (food services area).

Note: many of the well-established retailers have overhauled their stores, following the example set by the Carrefour hypermarket, which will unveil a new entrance which can be accessed via the extension’s new door.


The Evreux Carrefour hypermarket continues its metamorphosis

Between now and the first half of 2019, the Evreux-Guichainville Carrefour will be opening new areas for its customers, as well as having its entire sales area remodelled (10,000 m²). This new layout is firmly focused being practical and user-friendly: wider aisles and a new visual identity as well as signage will make shopping easier for customers, ensuring the whole experience is more comfortable. Quality and business expertise will also be in evidence across the food offering: customers will have a wide variety of fresh produce that they will be able to choose from an area laid out like an actual marketplace.  A friendly atmosphere where customers will be able to purchase fresh and traditional cooked meats, as well as new concepts/new products in the bakery/patisserie section.

As part of its new aim of establishing itself as the leader in the food transition for everyone, the store has allocated more of its sales area to food. The range of organic products in particular has been expanded and is now spread over three dedicated aisles, with more than 2000 products on sale. Local products are also showcased, particularly products from Normandy.


A site committed to protecting the environment and driving local economic development

Environmentally-friendly and high-performance in terms of energy consumption, the shopping centre is in the process of being awarded the BiodiverCity® label. It has already been deemed to be in compliance with the BREEAM New Construction standard, the leading method for assessing and rating a site’s environmental qualities, and was rated as “Very Good” in the design phase.

In terms of increasing local biodiversity, 1400 trees and 4500 bushes have been planted at the site. At the same time, 2 insect hotels and 5 nest boxes have been installed to house butterflies, blue tits, redstarts, etc. To house pollinating bees, 5 beehives will be installed at the site.

Surrounded by a huge amount of forest area, the site has also:

  • used vegetation in the car park – 80% of it is made up of local plant species,
  • created a flower meadow made up exclusively of local species. This serves as a refuge and a source of food for insects
  • created 3 covered pedestrian passages in front of the shopping centre which generate more than 30 kwh via photovoltaic panels
  • adopted a well thought-out approach to maintenance, so that only a small amount of water is required, as well as late mowing
  • installed a retention basin to recover rainwater which is then used for the centre’s washrooms, as well as for automatically watering the plants.

The centre also has more than 300 m² of photovoltaic panels for powering the lights in the amenity areas and guiding users through the car park, thus reducing the site’s power consumption.

Carmila and Carrefour Property are both committed to preserving the planet’s biodiversity and have also started a campaign in partnership with Reforest’Action, a French privately-financed tree-planting organisation. Through this partnership, 5000 trees will be planted in the Renouard forest, to the west of Evreux.

As one of the region’s leading socio-economic players, the shopping centre has given preference to employing local people. 350 new jobs have been created in the new retail outlets, in partnership with the town’s employment services and other local organisations. And at the peak of the construction work, more than 400 people were working at the site. Furthermore, 75% of the investments associated with the works were allocated to companies from the region.


An opening all about fun

So the families can help celebrate the opening of the new stores, every day from 17 October to 3 November between 11 AM and 7 PM the centre will be holding numerous original and fun events to do with nature and technology.

Mr Cartron, a bee-keeper, will be running educational workshops about bee-keeping so visitors can learn about the Grand Evreux shopping centre’s beehives. Customers will also be able to enjoy virtual reality events which will see them immersed in the world of bees and European forestry.

And still on the theme of biodiversity, customers will be able to take selfies against a special “nature” background.

Customers can try their hand at winning more than €8000 worth of gifts donated by the retailers by playing games on the shopping centre’s digital terminals.

All the retailers – both the new ones and the well-established ones – will be showcased on the Grand Evreux website and its mobile app. Customers will be able to get tips, reserve products online, get shopping ideas, browse store catalogues, etc. Grand Evreux’s digital tools are all designed to make the whole shopping experience easier! The centre’s Facebook page is also very active – brimming with news and a community that gets bigger every day.


Grand Evreux: key figures

  • 74 months of construction work
  • €70 million in investments
  • 75% local companies
  • 320,000 residents in the catchment area   
  • 70 stores and restaurants (vs. 20 before the extension)
  • 7000 m² of shopping centre (vs. 2100 m² before the extension)
  • 30,000 m² of retail park
  • 78% are retail brands that are new to the area
  • 350 new jobs
  • 850 jobs in total at the site
  • More than 23,000 hours of professional training in partnership with the EPN carried out by the companies involved in the construction


Map and practical information


Opening times
: 9:30 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Saturday

Carrefour hypermarket: 8:30 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Saturday



Grand Evreux Carrefour Shopping Centre Route Nationale 13, 27930 Guichainville



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