A unique service for tenants and franchises

Our aim: support you as you grow

By drawing on the retail culture of the Carrefour group and leveraging its excellent knowledge of each catchment area, Carmila Franchise & Development provides:
• local partners for tenants
• tenants that are appropriate for franchises
• bespoke locations in Carmila shopping centres
• local services and teams to support you before and while your store is operating.


Do you represent a national or international retailer and do you want to speed up your growth as a franchise?

• Analysis of your requirements
• Targeted prospecting and location of the right partner
• Facilitated contact with the candidate
• Signing of contracts

A straightforward solution to speed up your growth as a franchise and increase your penetration in the regions in which you operate.


Are you looking for a tenant a long-term location?

• Analysis of your requirements
• Support proposals (financing, works, marketing)
• Facilitated contact with the tenant
• Signing of the lease

A simple and agile solution to help you achieve your project

Retailers who work with us

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