Carmila, vibrant retail venues

The dynamism of the Carrefour brand and the leading position of its shopping centres enable Carmila to provide retailers and tenants with a differentiating offering to improve their appeal whilst meeting customers’ requirements.

As the third largest listed owner of commercial property in continental Europe, Carmila was founded by Carrefour and large institutional investors in order to increase the value of shopping centres adjoining Carrefour hypermarkets in France, Spain and Italy. Its portfolio comprises 202 shopping centres, mostly leaders in their catchment area, which benefit from the Carrefour brand and a regular, loyal customer base.

The beating heart of retail

Carmila shopping centres are veritable “city centers” around Carrefour hypermarkets. Accessible and scalable, they offer an omnichannel experience adapted to new consumption patterns by combining the best of physical and digital retail.

In constant evolution, creators of conviviality and living together, respectful of the environment, job creators, they contribute to the vitality of commerce as much as to that of the city.

Supporting the retail transformation and responding to new trends.

Carmila acts as an incubator to support the development of promising new concepts and formats, and offers tenants and retailers an omnichannel service platform to enhance their customer appeal.

Transforming shopping centres into vibrant retail venues.

With 202 shopping centres in France, Spain and Italy, Carmila is a key contributor to the social and economic fabric of local regions. Through an approach based on sustainable development and environmental excellence, our goal is to help cities adapt to local economic challenges and new urban development priorities.

Breaking new ground

Investing to ensure sustainable growth.

Carmila is investing in new business lines – digital infrastructure and new retail concepts – that will significantly contribute to growth in the coming years. Closely related to our traditional role as a property company, these innovative business lines make Carmila a key participant in the transformation of the retail sector and the development of local regions.


Our purpose statement

At Carmila, proximity is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide everybody with access to a responsible offering of everyday, useful products and services.

We connect retailers and customers as closely as possible to where people live. We develop and manage centres on a human scale that are practical and friendly, and which create ties, revitalising local regions and fostering a sense of community.

Partnering with retailers and our tenants, we innovate alongside them to develop services that improve our customers’ shopping experience and offer them a pleasant and simple time.

Through our proximity to the communities we serve, we fulfil our mission:
simplify and enhance everyday life for tenants and customers in all our regions.


Shopping centres in 3 countries (as at 31/12/2022)

6,2 Mds €

Portfolio value as at 31/12/22


of assets BREEAM certified at 31/12/2022 (as a percentage of the portfolio value)

> 6 300

Retailers partners

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