Carmila, Carrefour shopping centres in Europe

The dynamism of the Carrefour brand and the leading position of its shopping centres enable Carmila to provide retailers and tenants with a differentiating offering to improve their appeal whilst meeting customers’ requirements.

As the third largest listed owner of commercial property in continental Europe, Carmila was founded by Carrefour and large institutional investors in order to increase the value of shopping centres adjoining Carrefour hypermarkets in France, Spain and Italy. Its portfolio comprises 214 shopping centres, mostly leaders in their catchment area, which benefit from the Carrefour brand and a regular, loyal customer base.

Proximity at the heart of all our actions

Proximity is at the heart of everything we do and everything we achieve. It is the very essence of our portfolio, the ties that we strengthen every day with our customers and our retailers and the way we act every day. Through our proximity to the communities we serve, we are able to fulfil our mission: simplify and enhance everyday life for retailers and customers in all our regions. As part of this mission, regardless of circumstances, we go to every effort to generate shared, long-term and inclusive value for all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, retailers, tenants, investors, partners and society as a whole.


Always ready to listen to consumers, who yearn for shopping centres that are ever closer and more accessible, Carmila designs and operates practical, friendly centres that are human in scale. Constantly being transformed and upgraded, our assets are rooted in their regions and connected to the urban fabric so that everyone can enjoy spending quality time there and make the most of each day.


Carmila’s consumers are always on the lookout for simplicity and practicality, so it constantly adapts its product and service offering to meet expectations in each catchment area. Our challenge? To offer, thanks to our local teams, a useful and relevant selection: a broad and coherent mix, tailored to each centre, an offering that is comprehensive and human in scale, attractive but not excessive so as to promote more responsible consumption. A dynamic, refreshed selection that encourages discovery.

An attractive shopping centre is a shopping centre that people want to visit and revisit, where they feel good and feel recognised, where discussion with shopkeepers is simple and honest. Carmila connects retailers with customers right at the heart of community areas. Our local teams encourage dialogue and cultivate this closeness on a daily basis by organising key events in our centres and offering support for commercial attractiveness to our partner retailers. Communication is both physical and digital, giving life to centres, creating long-term links and invigorating regions.

Innovating and investing for tomorrow

In a digital world, where retail is changing, regions are becoming urbanised and environmental awareness is on the increase, Carmila is thinking about tomorrow and reinventing itself permanently by opting for useful innovation. With a unique entrepreneurial approach, we are developing joint ventures with promising retailers, through Carmila Retail Development, exploring new paths, such as 5G or healthcare, and offering services that improve the customer experience, always aligned with the expectations of regions and its inhabitants.

To find out more, take a look at our 2021 Integrated Report


Shopping centres in 3 countries (as at 21/12/2021)

6,21 Mds €

Portfolio value as at 31/12/21


of assets BREEAM certified at 31/12/2021 (as a percentage of the portfolio value)

> 6 300

Retailers partners