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Conventional lease

A long term shop in our shopping centres, along with retailers and Carrefour hypermarket, adapted to your particular needs of area and location.



A strategic location in leading, accessible commercial hubs, a new warm and friendly customer experience developed around the concept of “un air de famille”, the dynamism of the Carrefour brand and balanced mix-merchandising combining fashion, household goods, beauty and health, services and restaurants : Carmila’s 205 shopping centres are lively places frequented by loyal and regular customers who are just waiting for your arrival!



Whether you represent a national or international brand, are a franchisee, independent trader or entrepreneur, Carmila’s teams work alongside you to find the location that suits you. A pop-up shop or a traditional rental in a shopping centre, a specialist medium size store in a retail park, specialty leasing to test your business in common areas or car parks ... there are many opportunities as long as your project meets the aspirations of our customers, who are constantly on the look-out for new offerings.



Targeted data, web-to-store services, local media coverage, “helping hand” activities ... Carmila works alongside you to increase your local attractiveness. Through our excellent customer knowledge and the richness of our data, through our partnership with Carrefour and innovative start-ups, through the deployment of tailored digital and multichannel services, we can support you at each stage of your life as a retailer, and benefit your customers as well!

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