Carmila has created Carmila Event, an integrated events agency for brands and advertisers

When it comes to rolling out campaigns at local level or promoting product launches, Camilla Event can now offer a bespoke events management service that brands and retailers can use to access Carmila’s 129 shopping centres in France, 87% of which are leaders or joint leaders in their respective catchment areas. With its complete coverage of the regions in which it operates and its comprehensive knowledge of (multi-) local retail issues, Camilla Event is the solution to advertisers’ needs at national, regional and local level. It is evidence of our “strong desire to speed things up in terms of events”, as Alexandre de Palmas pointed out at Carmiday on 3 October.

Carmila Event can draw on a whole arsenal of solutions – such as pop-up stores, cultural events, showrooms, samplings and window stickers – and use them in the common areas or car parks of Carmila shopping centres. Each challenge is carefully studied by a single project manager who coordinates all of the local initiatives to ensure optimised management of the event. Carmila Event’s strength also lies in the storytelling that it offers for each campaign. It is implemented along the entire length of the customer purchase route in the form of communications on social networks or the shopping centre’s website, or the installation of digital totems in the shopping malls.

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