Carmila starts the extension work for the Carrefour Nice Lingostière shopping center

A Nice site with regional influence, from the coastline to the hinterland

Opened in 1978 and renovated in 2014, the Nice Lingostière shopping centre enjoys a strategic location between Nice’s city centre, Cagnes-sur-Mer and Saint-Paul-de-Vence, as far as the Alps, touching nearly 760,000 inhabitants who are within 50 minutes, plus 4 million tourists in the summer.

As part of Carrefour’s 3rd largest hypermarket in France, the centre welcomes 5.5 million visitors a year. With a customer base composed of families, executives and seniors, it has a loyal public with high purchasing power.

Located within the Eco-Vallée area, an exemplary eco-site for demonstrating and experimenting at European scale, the Carrefour Nice Lingostière shopping centre is one of the business hub’s major socio economic player.

Its challenges are fully integrated into those of the territory: capitalizing on the existing potential while adopting a global and innovative strategy to dynamize all sectors of activities in a sustainable manner.

In order to both meet the expectations of residents wishing a wider commercial offer and support the region’s strong urban and economic development, Carmila, Carrefour’s shopping centre company, started an extension project as soon as it acquired the site in 2014.

Designed in collaboration with all local stakeholders, this project aims to breathe new life in the historic Carrefour Nice Lingostière centre for the urban area’s gateway. Its goal is to offer specialized retail brands, shops and restaurants for all inhabitants of Nice and its hinterland, as well as people who work in the Eco-Vallée urban development area.  The centre’s merchandising mix will thus increase from 50 retail brands on 8,000 m² to 100 retail brands for a total surface area of 20,000 m² in 2020.

As co-sponsors of the operation, Carrefour Property and Carmila are financing the project for 70 million Euros.

It is estimated that 400 new jobs will be created in the new stores, adding to the site’s existing 1,000 jobs.

Jacques Ehrmann, Carmila CEO: “Produced in perfect collaboration with the Nice Côte d’Azur City, the Carrefour Nice Lingostière centre extension program is a major project for the area. It aims to strengthen the attractiveness of a leading economic centre for the city by hosting a new commercial offering serving Nice and its hinterland. We are very proud of the architectural and environmental qualities of this human-sized project imagined by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.”


A modern and elegant architecture

Designed as a place to live with warm and generous spaces, secure pedestrian walkways, dining areas and terraces, the centre is signed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who designed the Allianz Riviera stadium.

His architectural project gives way to high lines and structures with high windows allowing the retail brands to express themselves.


. Project team led by Carrefour Property and Carmila.

. MOD Works team: Carrefour Property France Management and the project management group with the architects Wilmotte & Associés, the MOE EGIS, the AMO (M2C) and the project leaders (Logik and ACP-I)



. A facade that can be seen from the road,

. An architectural project in harmony with the Nice’s environment,

. A bright and pleasant gallery extension, parallel to an existing renovated gallery

. A new, more comfortable, shaded parking lot close to shops and equipped with a parking spot guiding system,

.  Respect for the BREEAM environmental certification, with a “Very Good” level as a goal, 

. The preservation of biodiversity by planting more than 350 trees, for a total of 17,300 m² of green space.


 The new shopping destination for Nice and its hinterland

Ludovic Boudet, director of the shopping centre:

“Nice Lingostière will welcome new, modern and popular retail brands. Clothes, beauty products, optics, phones, video games, restaurants, etc.

 Hospitality and conviviality are at the heart of our approach with play areas, warm and colorful relaxation areas and dining areas. It is a true metamorphosis that was expected of Nice, and that we wanted to be at their image, positive and colorful.”



Sephora, Yves Rocher, SFR, Krys, McDonald’s, Celio, Orange, etc., are already among the emblematic retail brands of the shopping centre. The project involves the installation of 50 new retail brands. Thus, the announcement of the arrival of three new large stores: a 3,000 m² Zôdio, a 2,400 m² H&M and a 1300 m² Kiabi.



. For the visitors, connected services to get directions, get informed, compare or reserve the stores’ products and services. And a high-quality WiFi++ connection that is always free and unlimited for our customers.

. For retailers, targeted local and digital marketing actions with “Le Kiosque”, proposed by the centre’s management as a way to boost the attractiveness of the points of sale.


The Nice Lingostière shopping centre in 2020

100 retail brands coming up with leading international brands

400 new jobs in future shops

Redesign of road access to optimize traffic

1 Carrefour hypermarket and a renovated gallery

1 restaurant centre

2,550 parking spaces that are closer, more spacious and shaded

New forecourt and landscaped terraces

Synergies with surrounding businesses and the theater

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