The programme of responsible initiatives of Carmila

How can we engage our customers and retailers and bring them together in pursuit of a more responsible and socially inclusive form of consumption? What action can we take to effectively protect the environment and tackle climate change? How can we make full use of new technologies, particularly digital ones? How can we mobilise our employees to bring about a more respectful form of growth?

To answer these questions, in 2019 Carmila created   Here we act, a programme of responsible initiatives that it has deployed in France, in Spain and in Italy that focus on taking action in three areas.

for the

the local regions

For Carmila, maintaining the dynamic nature of our regions means: supporting, fostering relationships, helping, advising, co-developing and adapting to the realities of our regions and their talents in a socially inclusive way… with all social and economic players.

Acting for local employment

Promoting more responsible consumption

Encouraging local solidarity

4 537

students recruited locally in France in 2022


of centers with center management offered a second-hand offer in 2022 (in asset value)


tonnes of foodstuffs collected for the benefit of associations in 2022

For the


For Carmila, taking action for the planet means: restructuring our assets so that they meet an ambitious environmental standard, raising people’s awareness of the good habits they need to get into and helping our stakeholders understand climate change.

Establishing our assets as components in the city of the future

Contributing to the fight against climate change

Reducing our energy consumption


of assets BREEAM certified at 31/12/2022 (as a percentage of the portfolio value)


in greenhouse gas emissions at 31/12/2022 vs 31/12/2019 (scopes 1 & 2) in location based


in energy intensity at 31/122022 vs 31/12/2019

Carmila has set itself the goal of zero net carbon emissions Scope 1 and 2 in 2030. By 2030, Carmila will reduce its emissions by 90% compared to 2019 thanks to a reduction in its energy consumption and the exclusive use of renewable energies in its centres. The remaining 10% of emissions will be subject to a positive contribution, in line with the recommendations of the SBTi (“Science Based Targets initiative”). This compensation is provided by financing the agro-ecological transition of farms close to Carmila centres, in partnership with TerraTerre. Carmila will also continue to reduce its Scope 3 emissions, with the ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.



For Carmila, taking action on an everyday basis for our employees means: helping them to flourish, achieve satisfaction and surpass themselves, creating a team spirit, etc.

Fostering diversity

Encouraging new talents

Strengthening employee commitment


Workplace equality index* 3 countries


work-study students in the total workforce


of employees expressed satisfaction with the company in 2022

*Breakdown by indicator for France:
1. Pay gap (in %): 34/40
2. Difference in individual increases (in percentage points or in equivalent number of employees): 35/35
3. Percentage of employees increased upon return from maternity leave (%): 15/15
4. Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners: 10/10

Compliance with reporting standards

Carmila’s Universal Registration Document is freely based on the guiding principles of the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) international framework.

Besides, like each year, Carmila has published its Non‑Financial Performance Statement, which corresponds to chapter 4 of the Universal Registration Document. At the end of the chapter a concordance table of CSR indicators is provided that contains the requisite data for the EPRA, GRI and TCFD reporting guidelines.

Standards used:
Application guide of the French shopping centre trade body (CNCC).
GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association)
TCFD (Task Force on Climate‑related Financial Disclosures) guidelines


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