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Carmila opens a 29,000 sqm Retail Park in Saran, at the north of Orléans city

Carmila opens France’s biggest retail park creation project adjoining an existing site in 2018, in Saran, at the north of Orléans city. As a continuation of the mall and its Carrefour hypermarket, Cap Saran Retail Park hosts 34 new stores from the categories of homewares, fashion, leisures and restaurants, bringing the site’s total offering to 85 stores. Developed in partnership with Carrefour Property, Cap Saran Retail Park is the cornerstone of the Cents Arpents area’s regeneration, main retail area in the Loiret region, a few minutes from the A10 highway (Paris/Bordeaux).

Opened in 1971, extended in 2007 and completely renovated in 2017, Cap Saran shopping centre is located at the northern gateway of Orléans city, in the neighbourhood of Saran, at the heart of the Cent Arpents area.

Carmila and Carrefour Property teams have worked in close collaboration with local elected representatives and the Mayor of Saran in order to creat a 29,000 sqm shopping area marching inhabitants’needs.

With an updated and enhanced retail offering, Cap Saran’s extension plays a role in balancing out the north and south of the city, by offering specialized medium sized units, leisure stores and restaurant facilities to complement the existing offering.

DGLa architects appointed by Carmila and Carrefour Property, worked on the basis of the concept of landscape and integration of the environment to design the Retail Park. Its oval shape adapted to the geography of the land, offers a panoramic view over all the stores.

With the addition of 34 new retailers, the retail offering has been enhanced to include personal items and homewares, leisure and restaurants.

Cap Saran offers an innovative merchandising mix combining store sizes from 2,000 to 3,000sq.m suitable to specialised retailers, particularly in homewares, as well as units from 200 to 300sq.m for independent stores.

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