Pop-up store:
A flexible and ready-to-use solution to make retail accessible to everyone

Are you looking to set up a shop to test your products, multiply your points of contact or quite simply to start up without taking any risks?
Short-term lease shops in the Carrefour shopping centres are made for you. Come and enjoy short-term premises (up to 36 months) from 50m² with rentals suited to all budgets.

Why open a pop-up shop?

Pop-up shops, an intelligent way for e-merchants to acquire more custom!

Why are web brands so keen to have “physical contact” with customers by opening pop-up shops in shopping centres? Christina Kerouedan, Carmila’s Director of Pop-up Store Activity has the answer. (Carmila is the company responsible for Carrefour shopping centres in Europe.)

Find the interview with Christina Kerouedan

Carmila’s Director of Pop-up Store Activity on our Smart Shopping blog

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