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Benefiting from the commercial culture of the Carrefour Group and an excellent knowledge of each catchment area, Carmila provides a comprehensive offering for brands and merchants ranging from support in taking franchises and the choice of locations to local marketing solutions suitable for all types of project.

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They opened with us:

From my first meeting with Carmila, about a shopping center near La Rochelle, I understood that their expectations were very different from those of the usual commercial property management companies. We talked about human values rather than profitability per square meter. A speech that echoed the identity of Columbus and quickly convinced us to work together.

Jean-Baptiste Lelièvre

Development Director Columbus Café

Our recreation park concept is multi-generational and perfectly matches the profile of customers at Carrefour shopping centres. Carmila brings us the customers that we are targeting, and we offer them innovative experiences. It’s a win-win partnership!

Urban Planet Jump

Being part of a shopping centre was a new experience for me and I greatly appreciated the bespoke support I received and the straightforward set-up
process made possible by Carmila.

Philippe Montaulieu

Founder of Repaire des Sorciers


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